Funk Friday not funk Friday, and definitely not funky Friday

One can not be in a funk while listening to funk, but one can quite understandably be in a funk while observing something funky in one’s refrigerator, and sometimes funk can help one get out of a funk and subsequently get funky.  Am I right?  Seriously, English language.  You are way too confusing, and I say that lovingly, as you are my mother tongue, but damn.

Also?  Funky Refrigerator would be a pretty rad name for a band.

In other nonsensical news, I spent about ten minutes on the phone with The Musician earlier, walking him through the steps to mix up some tuna salad so he could make a sandwich for his lunch.  It seemed hilarious to me as I was saying things like “Well, ok open the tin…” because, um obviously?  You need to open the tin.  Hilarious, right?  Because it’s one of those things that you probably don’t remember learning how to do – if you are someone who turns a tin of tuna into tuna salad, anyway.  Like tying shoelaces.  I can do it, but I have absolutely no recollection of actually learning how to do it.  And it’s one of those things that you just do and so it’s hard to actually explain how to do it.  We do lots of these things every day, things that we obviously learned how to do – you’re not born knowing how to tie shoes, or use a phone or whatever.  At one point you had to have learned the skill, but often while it might have been a life-altering event at the time, over the years, the exact moment you acquired that skill may have faded from memory. 

So I guess today was one of those days for The Musician.  From now on, he will know how to open a tin of tuna and mix it with mayonnaise to create a sandwich.  He likely won’t remember the specifics, he’ll just do it.  I, on the other hand, am more likely to remember today, the day I became what I am now referring to as Culinary Helpdesk.  And an auspicious day it is, friends.

In honour of The Musician and his newly-acquired lunch prowess please enjoy some funk.  I think you’ll know which meaning of the word to assign to this video.

Happy Friday, y’all.  Tear the roof off the sucker.

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