The week that was

Well it’s Friday again, exactly one week since my last post.  God damn, where do these weeks go? 

So last Saturday my friend Kim and I hauled ass up to lovely Orillia, Ontario.  Orillia, for those who don’t know, is the home of the Stephen Leacock Museum as well as the headquarters of the Ontario Provincial Police, complete with shop and museum.  Of course.  Orillia is also the home of Casino Rama, the place where dreams go to die.  I’m not a fan of the casino experience At.  All.  It is so far from being my thing, it might actually be my thing.  Wait….no.  No, it is not my thing.  But the one thing about casinos is that they are showcases for all kinds of musical guests who, at one time or another, were HUGE.  And, if you were into, oh I don’t know, say Billy Idol back in the day?  Well guess what?  There is a good chance you were probably in the audience at Rama last Saturday night with me.  And if you were?  I really hope you weren’t one of the boring ones, because there sure were a boatload of those.  But the show was good, in spite of the wooden audience members.  Billy Fucking Idol does not disappoint.

Leaving the show, we had to walk through the main area of the casino, and when I said it was the place where dreams go to die, I was so not kidding.  I have never seen so many glassy-eyed, sombre looking people in all my days.  Seriously, the commercials for those places?  It’s all lights and fun and cheering and laughter and martinis, but in reality?  It’s actually quite dark.  And no one is laughing.  And people are openly angry.  And it’s crowded, and just really, really depressing.  I honestly don’t see the draw, but that’s just me, and that was my impression on walking through.  Sadness, despair and kind of a bad smell.  All present and accounted for.  No thanks.

Then the rest of the weekend was kind of a blur, as was the entire week, and now here we are on Friday, the start of another weekend.  And you know what? 

It’s a nice day….to start again.

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