Rockstars, real and fake.

So I am totally digging Bettie Serveert’s new album.  Wait, can you say “totally digging”?  Is that like mixing metaphors?  Except that it’s mixing era-specific descriptives?  You know, “totally” = 80s and “digging” = 60s?  I know what you’re thinking: for someone who does a lot of crappy punctuation and LOLspeak in her blog posts, you  care about really stupid things, UIG.

Okay.  So I am really enjoying the new album from Bettie Serveert.  Now here is a band with some staying power, and while I personally lost track of them somewhere around the late 90s, apparently they were pretty prolific and busted out a whole whack of records  – like close to a dozen – that I am clearly now going to have to go out and get.  Damn you, Bettie Serveert for still being as awesome as I remember and now having to drop a whole paycheque on your back catalogue. 

But seriously, it’s a good one.  Go check it out.  My only complaint?  It’s kind of short.  But it’s got good jangly rhythms and I can tell it’s going to be my go-to record for the summer.  Which might actually be starting on Friday, people.  25C by the weekend, can you dig it?  I, for one, can totally dig it.

And, in other rockstar news, I am taking my “How to Find Good Stuff and Avoid Shit on the Interwebs When You’re Looking for Health Information and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Hear or Read in the Media” schtick on the road next week.  It’s actually just a talk I did at a conference in the fall, and I have been asked by another group to present it for their community lecture series.  So it’s cool, but as I talked about before, I am not used to being the expert in anything, and seeing my name and title and stuff in the paper and on posters all over the place here at work, and having to provide a bio so they can introduce me properly is a bit intimidating. 

And if you think that maybe I should just get used to the fact that I am an expert in some things, and that I will be called upon many times to talk about shit about which I know a lot and just freaking embrace the rockstar life that goes with it, here’s an exchange that happened between me and a patient just last week:

her:  Well, you have a lot of good information in this library, don’t you?

me:  Thank you, we really try to have a lot of good, current information, yes.

her:  You know, if you’re looking for good information, there is going to be a talk in a couple of weeks…

me:  Oh – yes?

her:  Yes!  It’s all about searching the internet for health information, and how to figure out what’s best and avoid the stuff that’s bogus!

me:  Uh…yeah…that’s….

her:  You should really go to it!

me:  Actually, that’s my talk.  I’m giving that talk.

her:  :blank stare:

me:  Haha, yep, that’s me!

her:  Oh.  You don’t look old enough.

There, you see?  My public.  Helping me keep it real since 2007.

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