Lost and profound

No, not the very excellent band from the 90s.  Sorry for those of you who got all excited.  I’m actually here to talk about the Lost episode that renewed my faith in the show.  For reals.  Last night’s episode was, to my mind, pretty damned awesome.  It was all Richard, all the time, and I believe it’s the first time anything has really been revealed about him – other than the fact that he doesn’t age.  I was impressed.  The story was gripping – gripping, people!  I was glued to the TV for the entire hour, and left wanting more. 

Up until last night, I had pretty much written Lost off.  There, I said it.  This season has left me pretty cold for the most part, and most of the characters have started to really get on my nerves.  Okay, many of them had been on my nerves for a couple of seasons, and some from the very beginning, *cough*Kate*cough* if we’re being honest.  Plus, is it just me, or is it getting even more confusing?  I don’t know.  But I continue to watch, because hey, it’s something to watch.  The Genealogist and I have two – count ’em, two – shows that we watch regularly; Lost is one and CSI is the other.  So we put a lot of faith in both these shows entertaining us for the week.  Perhaps that’s a lot of responsibility to bear for an hour of television, but there it is.  If at any time an episode of either of those shows is boring or stupid or annoying or all of the above, we feel totally ripped off.  More so than most people too, because not only have we spent an hour watching the episode, we actually make a point of being home to see it.  That’s right, people.  There is no PVRing in our house.  We have a very basic cable package on a 22-year old television.  We don’t even have  a remote for it anymore, it’s get off your ass and change the channel or nothing.  Seriously.  It’s like we’re living in 1972, I know.  But you know what?  It’s ok.  As I said, there are two shows we watch, and after this season, there will be one.  So we really cannot justify the fancy schmancy stuff that’s out there, we really can’t.  Sure, we watch sports and the news and stuff, but for actual must-see TV?  Meh.  We’re not desperate.  I suspect it will be our children who drag us into the digital, flat-screen, zillions of channels television age, when they’re too embarrassed to have their friends over due to our 1988 vintage Toshiba taking up prime real estate in the living room.  But oh well.

So, back to Lost.  I was happy to have an episode where Jack didn’t say “What do you mean?” 27 times.  I was glad not to see crazy Claire yelling about her bay-beeeeee, and I was extremely happy not to have to endure any of Kate’s angy/knowing/sad/shocked expressions – because, let’s face it.  She only has one expression, which she uses for all emotions.  So there was that. 

There’s still way, way more stuff that needs to be revealed, but I liked the turn that last night’s episode seemed to take, and I liked how Hurley had the last word.  I am still very confused, of course, that’s a given.  But I have to say that I’m looking forward to the next few episodes, especially if they continue to be as good as this one.

So now you know where to find me at 9pm on Tuesdays.  Just get there an hour or so beforehand, so I can warm up the tube.

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