New poetry form: Spamku?

I think I mentioned at the beginning of this here blog that I used to blog at another spot.  It’s still around, I just don’t update it anymore.  But all the content is there, and it is still open to commenting.  Which has proven to be kind of awesome. 

Every once in awhile I check it out and there are the usual 27 lines of a language I don’t understand, with the words “penis” and “viagara” thrown in, as one would expect.  Today I paid the old blog a quick visit to check on things and I would like to share with you the three most recent comments on one of my final posts:

I will not concur on it.  I think

precise post.  Especially the title

attracted me to review the sound


Genial dispatch and this post helped

me alot in my college assignement.

Gratefulness you as your


Nice post and this mail helped me

alot in my college assignement.

Thank you as your information.

I actually think that’s pretty awesome. 

In other news we are getting a whole hella snow today.  The view outside my window has been all upside down snowglobe all the time since about 10am.  And freezing rain expected tonight to add to the drama! 

I do love me some winter.  But I will not concur on it.  You heard me.

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