Blogging blah-de-blah, brought to you by my lunch break. Again.

Did anyone do NaBloPoMo this year?  My hat’s off to y’all if you did.  When I was writing my old blog, I did it a couple of times.  Last year I managed to do 29 of the 30 daily required posts.  TWENTY.  NINE.  But then, on November 30th, we went out to see The Sadies at Casbah, and I totally crapped out.  Disappointing, but hey – at least I wasn’t just washing my socks or something, I was out tearing it up!  But yeah.  This year the idea didn’t even cross my mind.  Why is that, you might wonder?  Well for starters, blogging every day, trying to think of something witty, intelligent, thought-provoking for 30 days in a row is HARD.  When I do blog, I want it to be significant and memorable – uh, yeah just like I’m doing now…yeah, totally.  But whatever.  It was one of those things where the experiment was fresh the first and second time around, but this year?  Just not as interested, I guess. 

The other thing that makes it tough is time.  And not “oh I’m so crazy busy I have NO TIME TO BLOG!” because hi, I’m blogging and doing it fairly regularly, I might add.  But I am finding it difficult to find a time to blog at home because the children are always on our computer.  Like, always.  Or it seems that way anyhow. 

We have one computer, located in our dining room.  This is, the experts tell us, the thing to do when you have kids – keep the computer in a public area, less chance that they’ll do stuff that they shouldn’t, and more chance that you’ll know what they’re up to when they’re on it.  Makes perfect sense, and I would also like to add the The Genealogist and I totally called that BEFORE all the experts weighed in on what not to do with computers and kids, so we can totally feel smug, and we do.  Right now, The Musician is all over YouTube, looking up songs and artists that he likes.  He has also discovered Ed Friedland The Bass Whisperer and, being a bass player himself, he’s hooked on these videos.  The Artist enjoys Club Penguin and has a CD ROM video game design software that has him up creating video games til the wee hours, with only Red Bull and Doritos to keep him going.  Wait, no.  That’s me looking into his future…  And then there’s The Genealogist who, in keeping fully with his moniker, spends a good portion of his free time searching databases for ancestral records, and maintaining his own records, and doing whatever else it is that semi-professional genealogists do up til the wee hours, but instead of Red Bull and Doritos, think Shiraz and cheese and crackers.

Noble pursuits all, I completely agree.  But what this means for me is that I have precious little time to goddamn blog.  Sure, I can quickly check my email and scan through updates on Facebook (often updating my own status as “Elizabeth can’t talk now, need to get off computer in order that…”  Ahaha I jest.  Sort of.

So really what I’m trying to say is that the day has finally come where we actually need another computer in our house.  And by we, I mean me, and by computer I mean laptop that I can take with me wherever I go.  Because how I have gone this long without an adorable netbook or something, I really don’t know.  I don’t.  Or, I do actually, because those things require dough, and that is something we are seriously lacking these days.  At least for things like adorable netbooks to keep me blogging. 

So I formulate blog posts in my head, scribble some notes on actual paper as I go about my day and then, spend my lunch break writing my posts.  Is that any way for a blogger to have to behave, I ask you??  It’s sad, isn’t it?  So I post this plea, on the off chance that some amazingly wealthy and philanthropic benefactor will read it and think “my god, that girl is brilliant – witty, intelligent and thought-provoking!  How does she NOT have a netbook yet!”,  and just, you know, help a girl out.

I guess if I am expecting dreams like that to come true, I probably ought to be writing witty, intelligent  and thought-provoking,  hadn’t I?  Um, ok next time.  Promise. 

Now I gotta clean up the egg salad I spilled on my keyboard.

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