Well sheeeeit…

A whole lotta shiz has gone down since I last posted, and I would like to get to some of it, but first I really have to tell you that for the love of all that is holy, the cafe at my place of work got the coffee labels messed up this morning and instead of my usual blend of organic fair-trade medium-dark roasted goodness, I got a cup of mothereffing butter pecan hazelnut vanilla irish cream something something, which imagine my surprise.  Now I would love to tell you that I instantly became a convert to the world of flavoured coffees, but in actual reality?  That stuff tasted like ass.  And so did I go back and complain and say “hey, guess what, you guys totes messed up the coffee labels!”?  No, I did not.  Partly because I am kinda lazy (especially when I don’t have coffee) and partly because there was mass confusion there on my first visit.  Mass. Confusion.  Which probably led to the Great Ass-Flavoured Coffee Mix-Up of Naught Nine.  There are some awkward and strange dynamics amongst the cafe staff, there really are.  I am somewhat afraid of correcting them for fear of hysterics and the possibility of a mishap of the sandwich I am likely going to order later for lunch.  So yeah.  No coffee for me this morning.  Stab stab.

Anyway, what’s been shaking?  Well for starters, my beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats got beat out of the Eastern Semi-Final last Sunday afternoon.  Boo.  It was kind of sad, although they did tie it up in the final 3 minutes and force OT, and that part was cool, except that we kind of missed that excitement on account of driving over to my mum’s for dinner.  See, this happens a LOT to us.  We make plans to go out like to dinner with my mother, and so we are watching the game, and Hamilton was down by 10 and there’s just over 3 minutes to go, so we say “well, I guess that’s kind of it, so let’s head over to nana’s” and then we get there and nana opens the door to greet us and says “they just tied it up!”  WTF?  Sigh.  So we miss that, but get to see the OT and of course that’s when they lose.  But hey, wait ’til next year, right?  Okay.  Considering we were 2-18 or some ridonkulous thing last season, making the semi-finals is not a bad step.  And I do realize right there that I said “we” like I was suited up for the game, making the plays and all that.  Because that’s how we roll.  We.  Yes, I know.

In other more or less boring news, I was sick at the beginning of the week.  Three days off work sick, but never really sick enough to be in bed, running a low fever, kind of rundown and sitting and staring a lot.  Definitely not the current plague, although you would not believe how many people asked me if I had H1N1 and how many people seemed disappointed that I did not.  Seriously, what is up with that? 

them:  oooooh heard you were sick!  Was it swine flu???

me:  no, just maybe a bad cold or something.

them:  oh.  But you had a fever, right??  So it could have been a mild case, right??

me:  well, the fever was pretty low-grade and it was mostly just kind of lethargy and a bit queasy.

them:  I’m sure I read that queasiness is one of the signs of H1N!!!! 

me:  back off or I will cut you.

Or something like that…maybe not the last part…

But have you ever told someone either A) you are not feeling well or B) you are just back to work or wherever after being sick?  And have they done one or more of the following: A) put their hands up so as to shield themselves from you or B) backed away with a comment like “well stay away from me, I don’t want your germs” or something similar?  And have you ever wanted to:  A) take their hands up as a sign that they want to fight you and lay into them with a serious jab cross and roundhouse to the head or B) followed them as they backed away and made a comment such as “awww and shit, man here I was all set to lick you and wipe my nose on your face!” 

Or is that just me?  Because, come on.  How rude is that shit?  No sympathy from these people, no “I’m sorry to hear you’re not well” or “Heard you’d been sick, how are you feeling now?”  No, just a selfish-ass self-preservation “you have no right to be breathing my air you germy pig” kinda vibe.  Nice.

I would be less stabby had I been able to have a decent cup of coffee.  Just saying.

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