What’s your nom?

Well my conference session went well, but there weren’t no 60 people in that room – maybe 16.  Which is fine.  Those in attendance got to share in the love and the edumacation.

So you know how it is when you just don’t get something?  Some current trend or whatever and you’re just all “wha’?”?  Like Uggs?  (for me, anyway, maybe you readers get Uggs, I do not) or Bluetooth headsets.  Do not get.  But stuff with language I almost always get.  I have a good wit, and a quick mind and enjoy puns and interesting turns of phrase, but there seems to be a fixation with three letters that, to tell you the dog’s honest truth, MADE NO SENSE TO ME WHATSOEVER until, um, today.  Those letters?  “nom”.

Here’s what I see on blogs and other websites:  “those cookies were sooooo tasty I just ate, like 12 of them, nom nom nom.”  Or:  “that baby is soooo cute I want to nomnomnom his toes.”

People, what??

Now, for those of you who totally understand what this is, you are probably looking at me (or at my blog, anyway) with a “dude, who doesn’t understand what that is all about?” kind of look, and you know what?  Totally own that.  How can that not be understood?  Really.  But here is the thing.  First of all, there are a LOT of short forms for shiz on the web – the usuals like LOL OMG.  But, in the past few months I have learned new ones such as FTW = for the win.  Nice!  A lot of the time I can figure them out on my own (clever girl!) Sometimes not.  Sometimes I just wait for other people in the comment threads to ask and then I will be educated.  Which is cool.  But nom I just could not figure out.  I assumed it was a 3-letter acronym/short form for something, and hurt my brain trying to get it.  Nom also = name in French, and being that I’m Canadian and have a pretty good knowledge of the language, and also have two kids in French Immersion schools, that idea kept getting in the way too.  Eating cookies, name name name?  WTF?  Aaaah!  You kids and your hepcat slang!

So I finally broke down and checked Urban Dictionary only to find out that “nom”, according to one definition is this: 

“An expression of eating, or a sound thereof. Also could mean a sexually suggestive action upon either a male or female, one would use the lips and not so much the teeth, avoicing a chomp chomp like action”
So this?  This kind of squicked me out more than just a little bit.  Now when I read those comments, I get to hear eating sounds, which I never did before.  So, thanks for that, Urban Dictionary.  Can’t get behind that one at all. 

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