Weather and related

Supercrawl was superfun – in spite of the fact that it pissed down rain the entire time we were there.  Oh yes it did.  This was no light drizzle, no “spitting” (which is probably the grossest term for a light rain ever, am I right?) no heavy mist – no, none of that.  It Pissed.  Down.  Rain.  Which I guess, to be fair, is probably more disgusting a term than spitting.  But still.  I prefer the imagery of the clouds pissing than spitting.  But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, The Genealogist and I hopped a bus down to the festivities and began our crawl.  And it was pretty spectacular to see so many people out on such a craptastic night.  The vibe was warm though, with loads of entertainment, vendors, and people just generally having a really good time.  The galleries were crowded and damp, but  it was truly awesome to rub elbows with artcrawlers and artists alike.  We saw people we knew and chatted under umbrellas.  We drank wine and looked at art.  We ventured into art supply and vintage accessory stores and continued to marvel that this shiz was going down right in our town, right under our noses.  It was just so rad.

And then Saturday I was sick – not sick, sick.  But sick.  As in a bad cold that caused me to be crabby and congested and lethargic and achy.  And then Sunday was our big Thanksgiving dinner at my mum’s which is kind of a command performance, so I showed up with a squash dish and proceeded to snot all over myself, then drank enough wine to dull the aches and then spent the holiday Monday lying around watching football and snotting all over myself some more while the boys all did productive things like play videogames and watch tv and pat my head every so often.  Ugh.  I fucking hate being sick.  Then The Genealogist and I watched Kill Bill which made me feel much better.  I can’t explain that, although I did have a friend in high school who insisted that listening to ABBA while he was sick made him better.  I don’t know, man.  When you need someone to kick the snot out of you?  My money is on Uma.

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