Working for – and on – the weekend

So this past weekend was one of our busier ones.  There is something spectacularly difficult about a busy early September weekend, people.  At least for me.  It probably has to do with school being back in session and the resulting craziness from that, combined with the fact that July and August weekends are just so damned lazy.  And even if July and August weekends are busy busy, they are not busy by the standard of September weekends, am I right?  It’s just not the same level of busy and perhaps I’m just putting too much pressure on September, I don’t know.  All I know is that for the whole weekend and even a few days leading up to the weekend, I was going on about 4 hours sleep per night.

Start with Tuesday night, where I went to bed at a decent time but managed not to fall asleep until the wee hours, which was ok because I actually had Wednesday off!  I had arranged to look after my friends’ baby so they could attend her cousin’s wedding, because they are among those people who thought the 09/09/09 wedding thing would be rad.  Which it totally is, and was, but it was a Wednesday.  So while I had an awesome time chilling with a super excellent 8-month old (and I hope he had a nice time with me) it was a bit of a later night – later than I am really used to for a weeknight – and plus it involved looking after a small child that does not belong to me, so there is added pressure there.  So the day was fun, but exhausting,  but ok on to Thursday!  Thursday night, well I just stayed up way too late drinking some wine and chatting with The Genealogist.  By Friday morning I was mainlining coffee and dragging my ass.  Then!  Of course on Friday night, we attended a dance/fundraiser for the Canadian Kickboxing Team, because one of our karate instructors is on the team, and so of course we wanted to support and represent.  So another 1am bedtime!  Then up early to do a 5km run to raise money for breast cancer research at the cancer centre where I am employed!  Then home to shower, shop for groceries and then walk over to the Locke St. Festival with the boys (more about the fabulous LSF in another post).  Then home to make lasagna for dinner and collapse into bed around 9:05pm.  Finally.  Did manage to sleep way in Sunday morning, but then did a bunch of housework, and a whole lot of cooking for the week, had my mum over for dinner, got organized for the week, and then collapsed into bed around 10:30ish. 

Seriously?  This is how I inaugurate the first weekend after the start of school?  Dive headlong into every activity I can think of?  Apparently.  The lack of sleep really does take its toll though, I tell you.  I know I used to be able to do this, but man, it’s just not as doable as it once was.  In some ways I miss the ability to function on little sleep, continue the party, as it were.  But in a lot of ways I am also very happy with my jammies and my grandma bedtime, even on the weekends.  Fortunately, this coming weekend is a lot less busy.  So far, anyway.  After all, it’s only Monday.  Oy.

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